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Only one submission of art is included with each order. If you find errors in your proof, or your files are unusable, we can make changes/fixes where possible for $10 each, or you may resubmit new files for $30 (a new proof is included & required). If you need a free technical review or quote, use the "technical review/quote" file transfer page.
Checklist before uploading
file properly laid out
file zipped or stuffed
no .exe or .sea files
order form submitted
file less than 150 MB
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Put all your files required for printing into 1 folder and stuff or zip the folder - creating 1 file. If you have multiple items, (ie. 3 business cards), compress all 3 files into one archive.

Please be patient after you click the "Transfer Files Now" button.
Large files could take several hours to upload depending upon your connection speed.
The progress bar in your browser does not necessarily show total progress,
but as long as your animated icon on the browser is moving, the transfer is still being completed.
After the transfer is complete, you will be shown a confirmation page.

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